PreSale Details

November 23, 2024

PreSale Details

Total Supply 60000
Total supply for PreSale 21000
Total Tokens for Uniswap Liquidity 4200
Total Tokens for Balancer Liquidity 1800

PreSale Price Details

Total ETH to be raised from Presale 750ETH
yTheus Per ETH 28 yTheus
Cost per yTheus $14.82
Uniswap Liquidity offering 300 ETH and 4200 yTheus Tokens
Uniswap Price 1 yTheus = 29.6$

**Unsold yTheus Tokens will be burnt

*Above details are calculated considering 1ETH = $415

THEUS Holder’s Airdrop details

Theus Holders Airdrop 1500 yTheus
THEUS LP Holders 30%
4-Snapshot Holders 25%
3-Snapshot Holders 20%
2-Snapshot Holders 15%
1-Snapshot Holders 10%
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