Amazing protocol of both Yield farming & crypto investing.



Theus Yield protocol presents cryptocurrency investor with opportunities of investments in baskets of cryptocurrencies and get Theus Yield Protocol Token rewards. Theus Protocol support 3 different staking opportunities and help the participants earn Theus Yield Protocol …

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Token Distribution

Token Distribution to Theus Holders

Bonus Tokens             :   2500 YTheus for Snapshot Holders
                                       :   1000 YTheus for Liquidity Providers

Tokens for Airdrop :   14500 YTheus

Snapshot-1 Snapshot-2 Snapshot-3 Snapshot-4 Airdrop Bonus
ADDRESS1 ADDRESS1 ADDRESS1 ADDRESS1 14500 YTheus Tokens distributed equally to all Theus Holders Share 40% of 2500 Tokens (distributed based on User % holdings)
  ADDRESS2 ADDRESS2 ADDRESS2 Share 35% of 2500 Tokens (distributed based on User % holdings)
    ADDRESS3 ADDRESS3 Share 25% of 2500 Tokens (distributed based on User % holdings)
      ADDRESS4 0%

*Bonus Rewards :  Addresses part of Earlier Snapshots(1, 2 & 3) should continue to hold  & be a part of snapshot-4 to be eligible for Bonus

                                      Addresses Part of All 4 Snapshot        : Users to Share 40% of 2500 YTheus Tokens
                                      Addresses Part of Snapshot[2, 3 & 4]  : Users to Share 35% of 2500 YTheus Tokens
                                      Addresses Part of Snapshot[ 3 & 4]     : Users to Share 25% of 2500 YTheus Tokens

*Airdrop : Addresses part of Snapshot 4 alone – Min Buying amount is 0.01 Theus & Holding amount is 0.009 (Due to deflationary nature of coin, Users will receive 0.009 Tokens which will be considered for Snapshot)

                   Airdrop Calculation : Suppose Snapshot-4 has 500 Theus Holders,  Total Airdrop per address would be 14500/500 = 29 YTheus

Theus Liquidity Providers Airdrop Bonus
ADDRESS 14500/Total Theus holders Share 1000 Tokens(distributed based on User % ULP holding)


Total Tokens for holders30%18000
(14500 for Airdrop & 3500 for Bonus)
Total Tokens – Staking Pool Rewards57%34200
Total Tokens for DEV10%6000
Total Tokens for Marketing3%1800
Total Supply 60000



yTheus Staking rewards will be allocated on a daily basis and distributed to all stakers on the various pools. The daily rewards will be different for different pool based on the percentage allocation.

After the 10th Phase, the contract begins to use 5% rewards from Previous Total Phase1 to Phase10 rewards for rewards distribution.


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